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Monday, July 11, 2011


Holy Shitaly… NOT Italy…
They were doing the same crap as the rest of Europe?  And to think we all thought they were one of the good EU players. 
Today we found out that the debt zombies are munching on the books of Italy.  
Another day and another report on the state of the EU’s can kicking attempts to stop the snake from swallowing the house—yep—the whole area still has terminal debt cancer and it is still spreading rapidly.  The dollar is in rally mode despite the fact that our debt issues are no better off.  But being the reserve currency does have its benefits! 
So now we have Greece Gunk, The pain in Spain, Portugone, The Celtic Kitten, Bottom feeding Belgium and Shitaly.  Hmmmm…. Seems like this little hic-up is turning into a shit storm—pun intended.  I wonder how long until Germany has had enough of it and releases these debt zombie nations from their support system—Germans have to be afraid of debt zombie bites at this time!
Just like VD spreads to a bunch of crack-heads that share the same ho, debt ‘fears’ become realities for all nations that share currencies and central banks after debt binges take place.  Lewis and Clark would have administered mercury shots and laxatives for VD that fell upon their men, but they would have also administered mercury and laxatives for the common cold, a case of frostbite, pneumonia, colon cancer, snake bites, alien attacks, exhaustion, dehydration and debt zombie bites.  Did any of this work?  Maybe.  Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t.  The guy who got syphilis from banging 15 American Indian hookers while waiting for winter to pass in 1805 might feel fine in 2 weeks, but then die years down the road after his brain is turned into spaghetti sauce from the virus (if he didn’t get killed in the war of 1812 that is).  He would have thought the mercury and the laxatives worked wonders at the time of administration. 
Europe is administering laxatives and Mercury to solve their debt crisis.  The results will be the same for Greece and Shitaly if they had actual zombie bites or the common cold, let alone debt levels that cannot be repaid OR restructured.  The treatments will fail and the entire system will crash after nation after nation decides default is the easiest answer.  It is inevitable.  It is happening.  It cannot be stopped. 
The EU debt zombies are growing in numbers by the day…    
Will this result in the Return of the Mark?  Will it just dry up the euro’s value as floods of money have to be printed in hopes to save off a Weimar republic style inflation calamity?  Will we get a 2nd Euro, the pathetic country Euro, born from this mess?  Stay tuned!  I wouldn’t rule out ANY of these consequences or combinations! 
Oh yea… That little SPY run seems to be over.  Choppy waters ahead! 

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