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Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Life Narnia, NFL can figure it out...Kinda

Are we living in Narnia?

I have to say that the latest week in the sure made me feel like I was living in Narnia, a children's book mythical land of make believe with talking ferrets, dragons, witches and make believe problems that could be solved by magic... and that was just the NFL labor disputes.  I don't even know if a schizophreniac with 44 personalities on PCP could not make up the Willy Wonka insanity that hit the markets this week...

If someone understands anything about this last week, fill me in. 

I saw a crappy debt plan in Europe that is doomed to fail, existing and new built housing numbers that were as bad, if not worse, that the depths of the recession, shrinking manufacturing numbers in China, flat manufacturing in the US and Europe, ever rising unemployment numbers, $100 oil that will CRUSH the consumer (again), a war in congress over fiat monies in the trillions, a bond market that gave the bird to everyone, earnings that would make you think unemployment was at 1%, Apple making so much money that it should be in some way criminal, equity markets that couldn’t stop screaming higher and a president that looked more confused than a father who is asked by his 7 year-old daughter ‘where do babies come from?’

It has to be Narnia… 

 The NFL can figure it out… Kinda… Maybe???

Meanwhile, the Gridiron Gurus are close, but not 100% there yet… maybe… kinda??? NFL Dog and Pony Saga continues... 

Here are a bunch of guys that all WANT to see something done, but can’t get the final numbers to match up, and this is only $150 billion dollars.  It has taken 4 months to come to an agreement …

And the Gov’t is trying to figure out how to extend the imaginary USA debt credit card of $14.3 Trillion.  I sure hope the 4 months/ $15 billion isn’t a benchmark for time.

The Wizard of Narnia.

All I can see is a repeat of 2008 in the near future.  I’m pretty sure that is on the way—debt deal or not, Dow 12,000 or Dow 15,000... there is no way the economy can sustain even this weak level of growth without housing, jobs or any confidence in the government.  $100 oil can easily become $120 oil and that is the magic $4/ gallon mark that takes money from Build-a-Bear and sends it to Conoco.  Apple is not a Bellwether, and many of these AmAzInG earrings were coupled with planned lay-offs attached. 

There is a disconnect between the markets and reality-- In essence, Narnia.   

Ultimately, that means one thing… QeTHRee… Commencing in Q3/2011. 

Ben Wizzie, Master Wizard of Fed Narnia,
Make it Rain!


Should be fun! 

Enjoy that $3.73 CHEAP gas this weekend!   

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