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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Raise Some Money after Default: QeTHRee getting closer

It just keeps getting better!
This just released from the White House: 
The White House understands that not raising the debt limit will mean many American's will not be paid.  We are having trouble with a real 'BONER!'  We think this is a real bummer, but there are two plans that the administration is ready to institute immediately if there is a default. 
I was just as excited as you!  Here are the ideas.

Hillary Clinton's Budget Buster Bikini Car Wash. 

White House Bake Sale

It looks like Topless Hillary Clinton is the only answer out there!  I knew it! 

QeTHRee gaining some traction?

There are many stories swirling about needing QeTHRee.  Here is just one example:  QeTHRee Needed!

From this article:
If the Fed were to engage in a new round of bond buying — call it QE3 — it could push long rates lower as it did under QE2 and provide needed assistance. Besides the immediate past, there is ample precedent for such a gambit.
Huh?  QE2 actually CREAMED long term rates.  Even Captain Obvious knows this.

QeTHRee is gaining traction and is a sure thing at this point.  Will it work?  If you like high food and gas prices then YES!  I anticipate that the equity markets will not react the same-- higher inflation will zap any recovery fast!  Uh oh... what if this happens around Christmas?  QE2 saved Christmas 2010... QeTHRee will be the Grinch in 2011.  $175 to fill the Escalade = less presents under the tree!

Could the US 10 Year Treasury trade in the low 2's or high 1's in the not so far of future?

Hell yea!... if (when) we throw QeTHRee on this fire. 

Rueter's explains the PAIN that will come from QeTHRee here:  QeTHRee more harm than good.

It is just starting to get interesting... Smells like someone is brewing up a recession to me!  This one is home brewed too!  Compliments of your Master (wizard) Brewer Ben Wizzie! 

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