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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Markets over the next month or two

I have not chimed in for a while but did want to get out a quick update on my view of what may happen in the markets over the next little while.

Wow, what a wild week we had! You like volatility? You like apples? How do you like them apples?
The week was more volatile than my two year after a birthday cake high which we got to experience today.
So what to make of all this you ask?

1) Things have changed and in my opinion the overall direction of the market over the next year is down.
2) This week the market appears to have put in a solid bottom base.
3) I would buy all dips early next week if they came.
4) The market is poise for a rip your face off bear market squeeze UP.
5) This move will go father than most think possible.
6) Just as everyone is convinced we are all good again something will come to light here, in Europe, or Asia and the market will fall to pieces again. Like my little girl did after the sugar high.
7) The next move down should go well beyond the lows we just put in last week.
8) Bank stocks will continue to lead down

And those are my thoughts. 1/2 of RandR

I hope all is well

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