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Thursday, May 19, 2011

1999 Part Deux

It is 1999 Part Deux coming to a social networking IPO near you! 

Let's just say...

...For anyone that happened to slip on a banana peel in 1999, forcing them to tumble down a stairwell, that then resulted in them landing on a single 4-wheel roller-skate, which sent them flying out of an front open door, which through some sort of master-balance-technique shot them down the driveway and across a busy street just barely missing many speeding cars, to be shot over a ledge, to be bounced around on a giant pine tree, to be attacked by eagles that pecked at their head as they broke branches on the way down, to land on the left side of a board that is supported by a giant rock in the middle, only to have a heavy branch fall on the other side of the board, which shot them into the air, soaring them over the town below, to be hit by a commercial airplane as they are in the air, to be taken hundreds of miles accost the earth, to be flung from the plane down towards a city, to land on a trampoline, to be bounced into a moving tour bus by owned by Britney Spears, who then got hit in the head by Spear's body guard, who became unconscious, who slipped into a coma until 9:30EST today... 

For that person, and only that person, the IPO of LinkedIn today should make sense. 


Because for that person's view on reality should be fairly distorted.

For the rest of the world that has not endured life as a Tom and Jerry episode, the manic IPO of LinkedIn should send the 1999 Tech-bubble chills up their backs (and through their portfolio!).

It's not different this time.  If you are playing with fire you will get burned!  LinkedIn reminds me too much of pets.com...  Junk Junk Junk

LinkedIn was the first Manic IPO, but soon to be followed by twitter, Groupon, Facebook, Zillow and many others I am sure. 

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